The Kit and Kaboodle Club is coming soon to Osceola County Animal Services! This soon to be launched pilot program is a great way for you, the community, to help save lives. As most of you know, we are inundated with kittens all summer long and the reality is that we do not have the […]

Photo of a cat relaxing in the barn.

Osceola County Animal Services always has a surplus of “barn” cats, who would do well living in a barn. Barn cats come from situations of neglect and unfortunately, they do not allow handling, so we cannot put them up for adoption. Barns offer all things that cats like; places to perch and hide, dark quiet […]

Photo of four kittens, three gray, one red.

In anticipation of our upcoming program, we now have a brand new section on our website just for kitten care.  In this section, you can learn about ASPCA’s Cat Care information, along with lots of information on orphaned kittens. Orphaned or abandoned kittens need lots of care, and to help them properly we have included […]

ASPCA logo

We are the lucky recipients of an equipment grant from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)! Because of this grant, we were able to purchase much needed cameras for the officers to use in their investigations.  We have been able to use them already in our recent horse case. The […]