News: Barn Cat Program

Published Thu June 2, 2016

Barn cats available

Osceola County Animal Services always has a surplus of “barn” cats, who would do well living in a barn. Barn cats come from situations of neglect and unfortunately, they do not allow handling, so we cannot put them up for adoption. Barns offer all things that cats like; places to perch and hide, dark quiet sleeping quarters, and many things to excite the curious nature of cats.

If you want to help save lives and have a barn available, or know someone who does, we would very much appreciate your support. There is no fee to adopt a barn cat and we will rabies and FVRCP vaccinate, spay/neuter and ear tip. Please understand that anyone interested in adopting a barn cat will have to agree to keep the cat(s) confined for a minimum of 2 weeks at the new location. This is the only way they learn they will be fed/watered and this is their new home. Not doing this will likely result in the cats taking off and having to fend for themselves. All you have to do is feed and provide water for them. We recommend taking two cats as they provide great entertainment for each other.

If you have a barn and a little time, please email Kim Staton at for more information.