News: Expired: Coming Soon to Osceola County Animal Services…

Published Mon June 20, 2016

Kit and Kaboodle Club

The Kit and Kaboodle Club is coming soon to Osceola County Animal Services!

This soon to be launched pilot program is a great way for you, the community, to help save lives. As most of you know, we are inundated with kittens all summer long and the reality is that we do not have the resources needed to raise the hundreds of kittens we will receive in the next few months. Kittens that are less than 8 weeks of age and 2 pounds cannot be put up for adoption because they are not old and large enough for spay/neuter surgery which is required by State law. The sad truth is that unless we have a foster home available, when we get these young litters of kittens, we struggle to get them out alive. But there is hope.

We will soon be offering resources to people who find or have young litters of kittens so they can raise them until they are old and big enough for adoption. We will provide vaccinations, deworming and spay/neuter at the appropriate time and will provide informational support on how to raise and care for kittens. Also, through a grant from Franklin’s Friends, we will provide Kitten Milk Replacer and nursing bottles along with other basic care items to kitten lovers who choose to participate in the program. So, you take the “Kit” home and we provide the “Kaboodle” you will need to care for them.

Once the kittens meet the minimum criteria for surgery, you bring them back and we do the spay/neuter. At that point, you can either leave the kittens with us or take them home and find adopters yourself. And, if you decide you would like to adopt one of the kittens you have raised, you can do so free of charge.

This program has been discontinued.