Photo of small dog's face.

PR17-99 Osceola County, Florida– At the request of the ASPCA® (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®), Osceola County Animal Services received 17 homeless dogs displaced by Hurricane Maria in St. Croix on Thursday. The ASPCA is collaborating with the Pittsburgh Aviation Animal Rescue Team to transport a total of 95 cats and dogs from the ASPCA’s […]

Photo of cat and dog

Osceola County, Florida– In an effort to reduce the number of pets that wind up at the Osceola County Animal Services shelter on a daily basis, a new, “managed intake” program will launch on October 16. What is managed intake? It is a way for Animal Services to avoid heavy influxes of owned pets coming […]

Hurricane Season is here graphic.

Hurricane season is here and while most Floridians know to prepare a hurricane kit for themselves, sometimes making preparations for our pets can be an afterthought. In this information piece, Shelter Volunteer/Community Outreach Coordinator Tami Solano has information on how you can prepare a hurricane kit for your pet so that everyone is prepared for […]

Photo of cloudy sky with a yellow sign that reads "Storm Ahead".

After Hurricane Katrina pummeled New Orleans in 2005, it is estimated that around 250,000 animals, both domestic and wild, found themselves without a home and, for the many domestic animals, no source of food or clean water. Residents who fled often did so quickly with the intention of returning to retrieve the members of their […]

Photo of plane passenger sitting with Manolo, the flying dog, a happy white Pit Bull.

A few years back a dog arrived at the shelter as a stray animal. Vex, as he was named, showed potential and was assigned to the TREATS Dog Training Program for obedience and behavior training in preparation for the new life ahead of him. His success was somewhat surprising as he is 80% deaf. More […]

Photo of four kittens, three gray, one red.

Osceola County is growing rapidly and demands for services are increasing. As a result, we are redirecting our Animal Control Officer resources to bite/ dangerous dog investigations and animal cruelty cases. We hope you will support us in this modification of services that will better enable us to address public safety and animal welfare issues. […]