News: Expired: Kit and Kaboodle Club

Published Sat April 15, 2017

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Ask about our Kit and Kaboodle Club!

What is the Kit and Kaboodle Club?

  • A great way to save lives

  • A way for the community to help animals in need

  • A cooperative effort between Osceola County Animal Services and animal lovers

How does it work?

  • You keep and care for the kittens until they are 8 weeks of age and at least 2 pounds

  • We provide resources such as kitten food, milk replacer, bottles, and information

  • We continue to be a resource for you and the kittens and we will provide needed vaccinations, deworming, veterinary examination, etc.

  • You bring the kittens back to the shelter at the appropriate age for spay/neuter and adoption

People who sign up for this program MUST agree to bring the kittens back at the designated time for spay/neuter to avoid more euthanasia of cats and kittens in our community.  You will be asked to sign an agreement to this effect.

Who can participate?

  • Any Osceola County resident

  • Minors can participate but parent/guardian is ultimately responsible for ensuring proper care and that kittens are brought back when necessary

  • Anyone who has a litter of kittens that are between the ages of 3 and 8 weeks of age

What do you get out of being a Kit and Kaboodle Club member?

  • Satisfaction of saving lives

  • Enduring love from the kittens you save

  • Support to help make your kitten-raising experience a success

  • Supplies you will need to provide care

If you decide to adopt a kitten you’ve cared for, the adoption fee is waived!

Osceola County Animal Services receives approximately 4,500 cats and kittens every year.  Sadly, most of them are euthanized due to behavior, illness, being too young for adoption, or lack of space in the shelter.  We do not have the resources to raise the hundreds of kittens that will enter our shelter during the summer months.

Osceola County Animal Services is located at 3910 Old Canoe Creek Rd in St. Cloud.  Phone: 407-742-8000.