News: Dog enrichment program

Published Tue March 10, 2020

Saving and improving lives.

An important part of our philosophy at Osceola County Animal Services is to do what ever we can to enrich the lives of the animals at our facility. Our dedicated team of staff and volunteer dog care specialists take pride in the variety of activities provided on site to make our dogs more comfortable through training, play and lots of human interaction. To this end, we provide our adoptable canines with the following:

  • Walks through the yard, conducted by team members at least once daily, when possible.

  • Dog play groups, where dogs are introduced to each other by our experts then invited to play, run and enjoy themselves. We also have kiddie pools for a summer cool down.

  • Food puzzle challenges, such as Kongs, where dogs have to figure out how to get to the food that is inside.

  • A variety of team-made frozen treats, particularly popular during the summer and fall.

  • On-site personnel to calm and soothe the dogs during noisy nights, such as July 4.

  • A coordinated training program for both the team members and the dogs.

Team members comfrot new dogs
Team members comfort scared dogs.

Our goals are always the same: provide our animals with as many of the resources that we can imagine that they need to become beloved pets in their forever homes.

Check out the play group!

Two dogs playing chase

two dogs jump and crash into each other