News: Community Cats program

Published Thu December 2, 2021

Through Florida Animal Friend

Osceola County Animal Services is pleased to have been chosen once again as a grant recipient for the Florida Animal Friend annual grant award. This year the grant will be used to pay for the spaying and neutering of Osceola County’s outdoor Community Cats.

To receive spay and neuter services for a community cat, please do the following:

  • call our partner, Snip It Kissimmee

  • 407-476-4748

  • schedule an appointment

  • tell them you would like to be eligible for the Animal Services CCP grant

Florida Animal Friend logo.Each time someone purchases a spay and neuter license plate, Florida Animal Friend receives $25. They exclusively use that sum to fund free and low-cost spay and neuter programs across the state. And that doesn’t just apply to first-time plate purchases!

Florida Animal Friend receives $25 each time a plate is  renewed, also. That means that you have additional opportunities to support Florida nonprofit animal organizations when your license plate expires or whenever you feel like upgrading.

Please support spay and neuter by purchasing a Florida Animal Friend Spay and Neuter license plate and help fix the problem of pet overpopulation!