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Emma "Pawdrey" was brought in as a stray so we weren't sure how she would do with cats, but look at her now, all snuggled with her brother!

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We love having him. We changed his name to Dante. He is such an amazing dog. Perfect for our household with our two girls and other pets.

Our young kitty Kylo and him play all the time.

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Hello, just wanted to update you all on Ranger.

He is doing great.

Very spoiled.

He had his first vet appointment on the 23rd and it went great.

Attached are some pictures and videos of our baby.

Best regards,

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She doesn't know it yet, but she is a about to have a Bark Box for the first time.

I emptied the box, she immediately added the toys to her plushie collection (she loves plushies).

She is such a happy girl, I think she's smiling!

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I may not be a snuggler unless I want something (like to go potty) but this is as close as I get. I also like to guard the front door and listen out for any one on the other side. This is my spot most mornings while mom is working. By the afternoon though, I do get antsy and need some mom love.

We go for one long walk in the morning, and sometimes another one in the afternoon if it's not hot or mom has time.

Mom found out this summer her job was closing by the end of the year. She found another online job, and we are moving to Panama City to be with my nana, papa, and Molly! I am glad she found an online job so I won't have to be alone all day! We will be in an apartment for a while until mom finds an awesome backyard for me, but I will get to go to Nana's a lot to run around in her backyard, and we will housesit when they go out of town. I will love it!!!

Hope all is well with you all!

Renegade (Squeegee)

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Hi, Dex has been such a good boy! He is very playful and really friendly.

We went to the part the other day and he loved playing in the sand.

I will attach pictures that we've taken of him since he's been with us.

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We have changed his name to Mufasa and he is absolutely PUURRRfect!!!!

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We have renamed him Bo. He seems to like that name and has taken to it I immediately. Bo has adjusted to his new surroundings and his new friend, a small Chihuahua that we called Mia. They seem to have bonded and enjoy each other’s company.

Bo enjoys going to the park and running. He also like his back yard that he spends a lot of time wandering and getting used to the sounds.

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Phoenix came to me as a bottle baby when she was only 3 weeks old. She was so little and underweight that we thought she might not make it to long. I'm happy to say she did and became my first bottle baby foster failure. Phoenix has the best personality for a cat. She makes cute little noises and wants to be picked up to cuddle when she first sees you. Her favorite toys are fluffy balls, lasers, and wand toys. My favorite story about Phoenix is when I smuggled her into a motel room when she was only 4 weeks old to make sure she survived. By the end of our trip, she was playing, sleeping near you, and wanting belly rubbs. Phoenix is such a sweet girl who still loves belly rubbs and sleeping near you at night.

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Tizzy was a foster baby and is such a cute kitten/cat. She is very small for her size and will not grow to be as big as a normal cat. Tizzy doesn't like anyone to touch her but does love to sleep on the pillow next to me and touch me with her little paw. Tizzy does love my deaf cat Tee and makes sweet little sounds when she sees him or wants to play with him. She doesn't understand why Tee can't hear her but loves him so much. Tizzy's favorite toy is little fuzzy balls and mice.

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Flop Tee

Tee came to me as a foster kitten in 2018. We knew there was something different about him and over the course of a few months we had our answer, Tee was deaf. So I became a foster failure which means Tee became a member of our family. He loves to get in the bathtub and meow loudly to feel the vibrations. Tee also loves to lay on your chest while you sing or hum to him. His favorite songs are "You Are My Sunshine" and "We Love You Conrad (Tee) from Bye Bye Birdie." Tee's favorite toys are plastic straws, wand toys, and lasers. He has cat friends that he likes to play with and chase around. Tee earned his name by jumping up like a TNT firecracker and he likes to flop over on his side when you pet him.

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