With the arrival of hot weather, Osceola County Animal Services wants to remind all citizens and visitors not to leave pets inside closed vehicles for any length of time.

When outside temperatures reach the 90s, the temperature inside a car can easily reach in excess of 100 degrees. It only takes six minutes for a pet to die in a hot vehicle. The animated video on the right illustrates clearly how quickly the temperature inside of a car can rise on a warm day. Please note that the video sites an 80 degree day; Central Florida gets much hotter during a good part of the year.

Even when windows are cracked, the temperature rises quickly and pets can die. Parking in the shade may slow the process of heating up but it still puts pets at risk. Don’t take a chance on harming your pet and the possibility of being fined or criminally charged. Leaving a pet in a car, even with the best intentions, can turn into a disastrous situation for your pet.

You also run the risk of having your window broken. Citizens of Florida who feel that an animal that is in a car is in distress can legally break your window and remove your pet. They are required to contact law enforcement upon doing so. This is outlined in Florida Statute, 768.139.