Osceola County Animal Services (OCAS) works with pet rescue groups to help rehabilitate pets that are deemed unadoptable by our vet staff evaluations due to various health and/or behavioral problems. We also contact our partner rescues if we are nearing capacity for care and need assistance in placing adoptable animals in foster homes or need help finding their forever homes. If you or somebody you know operates a pet rescue group and would like to partner with us, please complete the rescue agreement.

  1. Complete the partner rescue agreement.

  2. Provide proof of 501c3 non-profit registration.

  3. Provide Veterinary reference letter. Must be on letterhead and signed by the veterinarian.

  4. If taking intact animals, leave a refundable security deposit of $50 for each animal to ensure spay/neuter in accordance with Statutory requirements in 823.15.  Proof of sterilization must be provided in order to receive the deposited amount back. No deposit fee is required for pets that are spayed or neutered by Osceola County Animal Services (OCAS) prior to removing the animal from the facility.


Ready to Partner with Us?

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Rescue Partnership Information Form