Pets arrive at Osceola County Animal Services in a number of different ways.

From our citizens

Citizens of Osceola County are asked not to just show up at the Animal Services facility and attempt to surrender their own pet or pets. A procedure called Managed Intake has been implemented that allows  the shelter staff  to be prepared to receive your pet and offer it the best chance at a live outcome. We offer Pet Retention resources that will help owners who wish to keep their pet(s) but are in need of temporary assistance.

A great deal of work has gone in to implementing programs to help our citizens keep their pets, from lower cost veterinary options to providing deals on food and other resources. Our goal is to keep pets with their families whenever possible. We want to help you keep your pet.

When someone wants to begin the process of possibly surrendering an animal, the citizen should call 407-742-8025 or email Click here to read more about the process.

From Animal Control Officers

Our Animal Control Officers, or ACOs, patrol the approximately 1,500 square miles of Osceola County each week. In their travels, the officers come across stray dogs, injured animals and other animals in need, which are brought to the shelter and, if wearing valid ID, are held for five working days to give owners a chance to reclaim them. Pets that are not wearing valid ID are held three working days for possible owner reclaim. Unclaimed dogs and cats are then evaluated by staff and, as appropriate, put up for adoption. If the animal is micro chipped or tagged, the owners are contacted to retrieve their animals, or the animal may get a “free ride home” from an ACO. Click here to read more about the Free Ride Home program.

Additionally, Osceola Animal Control Officers conduct cruelty, neglect and bite complaint investigations which may result in an animal or animals being confiscated, fines being levied and/or criminal charges being pursued.

From other facilities

Osceola County Animal Services has reciprocal agreements with other agencies to take in their animals during emergencies. Some of our partners may, at times, share their adoptable animals with Animal Services.

Photo of brown and white dog's face.