Our Animal Control Officers are required to investigate complaints of animal neglect and cruelty. These cases often involve owners that simply do not know how to properly care for an animal. In those cases, education may be all that is needed to help the animal and owner get on the right track. Unfortunately, some cases are so egregious that prosecution is the only way to address the problem. In those situations, Officers must conduct a thorough investigation and prepare documents for court so animals can be removed and kept from further suffering.

Another serious problem that is present in Osceola County is animal bites. These cases are mostly owned dogs biting people. Stray animals actually represent a very small portion of reported animal bites in our County. Our officers receive many bite calls every week. In most cases, biting animals have to be brought to the shelter for a ten (10) day observation period. This observation period is to protect the person bitten by ensuring the animal was not able to transmit rabies at the time that the bite occurred.

In more serious bite situations, dogs may be classified as dangerous. This requires extensive investigation by the Animal Control Officer.  These cases may take months to settle.