Osceola County Animal Services boasts a strong team of dedicated staff and volunteers. Our collective goals are to maintain safety and to find all of the adoptable animals that come to us their forever homes. To this end, we work together to develop and improve our community presence through training, marketing and constantly updating our procedures.

We are an open access shelter, meaning we must accept all of the animals that come to our door, whether healthy or sick, safe or dangerous. In the past seven years, we have increased our live release rate by 147%. Our goal is to become a high live release shelter just as soon as we can. With the team that we have in place, we know that this lofty goal will be realized while continuing to keep the community safe, our number one priority.

Below is the recognition that our team members have received recently. We take pride in our team and want to share with the community their successes.

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Team Shout Out Recognition

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Department:Animal Control Officer

Mr. John Munez called and wanted to let us know that he was very impressed with the response time and the way the call was handled. He had found a dog running loose and overheated, the officer was there with in 15 min. The dog had a chip and was returned to the owner.

Shout out to:Tracy

Department:front desk clerks

I just wanted to take a minute to thank Tracy for being our in house puppy stylist for spa days and shave downs. Thank you for always being willing to help us out with getting cats RTG or getting what they need for the pet stores. We truly appreciate you.

Shout out to:Tracy

Department:front desk clerks

Today I went out to the storage shed to go through all the many boxes that are in there.
At some point during our Covid 19 shutdown Tracy had organized everything by year.
I can not tell you how much time that saved me!
So thank you Tracy, I very much appreciate your organizational skills!

Shout out to:Andrew

Department:kennel staff

Thank you for helping the vet suite get lab samples on all of Walter's cats! (Well, not Walter's, but the ones he invited over for a sleepover.)
We appreciate you!

Shout out to:TRACY AND DAWN

Department:team effort

SHOUT OUT to Tracy and Dawn. Vicki Roberson came in with a sick kitten on Saturday, she called today to say thank you and that they were very kind and helpful. Just thought you all should know when people call in and say thanks..

Shout out to:Andrew, Dawn, Christy

Department:kennel staff

Big shout out to Andrew and Dawn for being the only 2 to work the kennels on Monday and still finding time to ask if we need help in the vet suite. Of course, can't forget Christy for her hard work in the kennels. All of you in the kennels, even those not mentioned, have managed to stay positive even while being so short staffed. It is greatly appreciated.