Osceola County Animal Services boasts a strong team of dedicated staff and volunteers. Our collective goals are to maintain safety and to find all of the adoptable animals that come to us their forever homes. To this end, we work together to develop and improve our community presence through training, marketing and constantly updating our procedures.

We are an open access shelter, meaning we must accept all of the animals that come to our door, whether healthy or sick, safe or dangerous. In the past seven years, we have increased our live release rate by 147%. Our goal is to become a high live release shelter just as soon as we can. With the team that we have in place, we know that this lofty goal will be realized while continuing to keep the community safe, our number one priority.

Below is the recognition that our team members have received recently. We take pride in our team and want to share with the community their successes.

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Jessica B, Chantal, Dr. White, Tracy and Angie Amber 07/06/2020

I just wanted to give a shout out and many thanks to Jessica B, Chantal, and Dr. White for all of their hard work last week in getting surgeries done and animals out. It was a very hard week, but we got through it. I also wanted to extend sincere thank you to Angie and Tracy for all of their help with discharges and taking care of post-op patients. And I cant for get Andrew for checking on us everyday to see if we needed anything and being willing to do dinner runs, we appreciate you:)

Brittney/ Sarah Miranda 05/27/2020

The past April/May have been taking great pictures/videos that assist in getting animals out for adoption and/or foster.

Good job ladies!

Team Amber Mixon 05/18/2020

I just wanted to extend a thank you to Jessica, Chantal, kennel staff, Tracy and Angie for being so helpful in us getting caught up with surgeries. I also want to thank Sarah specifically for her help in recovery the other day. I had some nauseous patients and she stopped to help me clean up and take care of them. I sincerely appreciate you all.

John P Tami L. 04/13/2020

Thanks John for putting together the "thank you" video, it put a smile on my face....on a Monday!!

AS Team Tami Lockwood 04/13/2020

Great job to all of you who had anything to do with the "thank you" volunteer video......it made me laugh!
Thanks for the extra effort!

Tracy Tami S 04/02/2020

A big thanks to Tracy for bringing cheer to the lobby with some new, updated decor! The team here as well as our future guests will definitely enjoy the new look! Thank you!

Walter Amber 03/04/2020

I just wanted to take a minute to thank officer Class for his persistence in an animal neglect case we recently had. Walter did not hesitate when we asked for help concerning a matted dog and holding the owner responsible. He provided education to the owner regarding the importance of proper grooming and followed through until she met her obligation of her citation. Thank you Walter!

Soraida Tami S 03/02/2020

Shout out to Soraida for doing an amazing job in her new position! She has completed both the reorganization of the food prep room and the renovations of the bathing room for the dogs in A building. She saw a need and took the initiative with both projects to help create more efficiency for the shelter and for our team! Thank you!

Tracy Boggs Carrie 02/26/2020

Tracy stayed late to get a very long timer dog adopted. The adopters called and said they had been in earlier and spent time with Axel and they were coming back because they wanted to adopt him. They were stuck on I-4 and trying to make it here before 6pm. Tracy waited because it meant getting this long timer dog adopted. Great Job Tracy getting this long timer a home. 🙂

Jessica/Amber Miranda 02/25/2020

Last week Jess and Amber came back and helped the kennel staff catch up on triaging dogs. It was greatly appreciated 🙂

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