Osceola County Animal Services boasts a strong team of dedicated staff and volunteers. Our collective goals are to maintain safety and to find all of the adoptable animals that come to us their forever homes. To this end, we work together to develop and improve our community presence through training, marketing and constantly updating our procedures.

We are an open access shelter, meaning we must accept all of the animals that come to our door, whether healthy or sick, safe or dangerous. In the past seven years, we have increased our live release rate by 147%. Our goal is to become a high live release shelter just as soon as we can. With the team that we have in place, we know that this lofty goal will be realized while continuing to keep the community safe, our number one priority.

Below is the recognition that our team members have received recently. We take pride in our team and want to share with the community their successes.

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Carrie H JP 09/19/2020

Many thanks to Carrie for double checking the Foster Module. She found errors and misstatements which, thanks to her, have now been corrected.

Thanks, Carrie!

Walter C Carrie H 09/18/2020

Thank you Walter for taking your time and money to make our little garden area at the back door of the front office so nice. I just want to say I really appreciate it and that it really gives us something nice to see.

Christy Amber 09/18/2020

I just wanted to give a shout to Christy for all of her hard work on her case this week. Its her first one and she is doing a great job and learning very quickly. I have enjoyed working with you on this. Keep your head up chick you've got this!!! I have enjoyed watching you grow over the years and couldn't be more proud of you:)

Miranda Kennel staff 09/15/2020

Thank you to Miranda for always checking in with her staff to see if they have any needs, and helping out when needed. She is the definition of a true leader, and we are all happy to have her as our boss. She provides understanding for our situations, helps out with holidays, and works hard right alongside us. Thank you!!

Soraida Dawn 09/15/2020

Thank you to Soraida for getting animals out of the facility today, bringing our numbers down to 68 from the mid 80's! Also, she's been helping us in the kennels with guest assistance, dog walking/enrichment, triage, and so forth. We couldn't make it through these days that we're short without her help, so THANK YOU!!

Tracy B, Tami S Andrew L 09/11/2020

This morning we unexpectedly ended up with four small turtles, and Tami picked out quality supplies for our aquarium. Then Tracy put it all together to make a nice environment for their stay here at Animal Services. Thank you both for quickly giving these turtles a proper set-up!

Andrew L Front Office Staff 09/11/2020

A huge THANK YOU to Andrew for taking out the very nasty garbage from the Front outside trash can. Since we have a new cleaning crew they have not been taking the trash. The trash was full of water and alot of stink. Andrew is always going above and beyond. Thank you much Andrew!!

Jessica B and Chantal Andrew L 09/08/2020

Shout out to Jessica B and Chantal, whose teamwork was super helpful and positive during a hectic afternoon, assisting kennels with questions in triage, spot cleaning, discharging surgery patients, and treating the sick and injured animals that came in. The kitten (pictured after treatment) was lethargic and came in with eyes crusted shut, and they gave her a new lease on life while handling multiple other tasks. Y'all are awesome!

Dawn, Brittney, Andrew, Soraida, Essie, Angie, and Lisette Tami S and Tami L 09/08/2020

Shout out to Dawn, Brittney, Andrew, Soraida, Essie, Angie, and Lisette! The Tami's wanted to say great job yesterday with teamwork! We were short staffed and busy and you all did a great job!!!!

Kayla B Tami S 09/02/2020

Shout out to Kayla B for coming in to help kennel staff today. The help and teamwork is greatly appreciated!

Jessica Douthat Tami S 08/25/2020

Shout out to Jessica D. for climbing up on top of the kennels to install the new shade cloths for the dogs! We appreciate you!

Carrie H Tami S 08/20/2020

Shout out to Carrie for always helping with the creation of Chameleon reports! I appreciate the help creating the newest Transport Team Report in Chameleon! Thank you!

Soraida, Andrew, and Kayla Tami S 08/06/2020

Shout out to Soraida, Andrew, and Kayla for creating promotional videos and photos for the adoptable animals. They took time out to make the animals look their best and appeal to potential adopters! Great job!

Andrew, Chantel Walter Class 08/01/2020

On Saturday afternoon a call was received in BVL for a cat trapped in a car engine. After responding the cat was found to have severe injury and was in distress, it could not be removed without causing additional suffering. Chantel responded as the on-call vet tech, and Andrew responded to the scene with medications. The support was above and beyond and it allowed the animal to be moved without additional suffering. Andrew also provided the driver with some positive encouragement as she was distraught over the incident. Thanks for the help and quick response!

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