Osceola County Animal Services boasts a strong team of dedicated staff and volunteers. Our collective goals are to maintain safety and to find all of the adoptable animals that come to us their forever homes. To this end, we work together to develop and improve our community presence through training, marketing and constantly updating our procedures.

We are an open access shelter, meaning we must accept all of the animals that come to our door, whether healthy or sick, safe or dangerous. In the past seven years, we have increased our live release rate by 147%. Our goal is to become a high live release shelter just as soon as we can. With the team that we have in place, we know that this lofty goal will be realized while continuing to keep the community safe, our number one priority.

Below is the recognition that our team members have received recently. We take pride in our team and want to share with the community their successes.

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Walter Class Kim 01/14/2020

Walter did an excellent job dealing with a very sick cow, working to get a veterinarian to the location and dealing with an upset owner He spent the time needed to handle the situation professionally and with compassion. Thanks Walter!

Andrew Tami S 01/08/2020

Sending a big thank you to Andrew for helping to train volunteers in animal cleaning and care. He has been organized, thorough, and professional. Thank you!

Angie S, Soraida D, Ray S, and Kayla B Tami S 12/21/2019

A BIG thank you to Angie, Soraida, Ray, and Kayla for volunteering to run offsite information events with adoptable dogs at two different events this past Saturday before Christmas! Thank you!

Tami Lockwood JP 12/11/2019

Tami is one of those steady, calm anchor people who is always available to answer questions as well as give you an honest answer to your inquiry. Her good humor and resourcefulness helps the entire shelter team in numerous ways.

Tracy Tami L 12/10/2019

Shout out to Tracy, I've had several staff mention what a great job she is doing at her new position! Thanks for the positive attitude and cheery disposition.

Christy Jessica D 10/02/2019

Way to pause what you were working on to introduce yourself to our new red team, teen volunteers during their orientation/first shift! Your few moments of time made a great difference in helping the team identify different types of team members and encouraging a welcoming shelter environment!

Sandee and John Tami S 09/27/2019

Thank you to Sandee and John for their continued dedication to assisting with new volunteer orientations and the Cat Pawsitive training program and data collection. Huge thanks! We couldn't run these programs without you both!

Bradley JP 06/13/2019

Thanks for your input and advice on the new LEASH pages for the website. Your insight helped make the form easy to use as well as informative for all parties!

Tami S Tami L 04/30/2019

Thank you Tami S. for putting together another fabulous Community Appreciation Day! Your (time consuming) efforts to make it a success are appreciated....job well done!

Rich C, Marci C and Debbie E Tami S 04/23/2019

Sending a special shout out to Rich C, Marci C and Debbie E for helping with the fencing slat project with the new yard! Rich came with tools and was able to pull most of the plants that were blocking the area for the new slats.

Debbie was able to come and finish up some plant removal and Marci helped me with the slats on a crazy, hot morning!

Thank you so much for your help! All three of you always come to help with "special" projects and I appreciate it greatly!

Thank you!

Debbie Earley Chantal 04/18/2019

Debbie is a very hard working and amazing volunteer. She goes above and beyond, wearing many hats while she is here.

Occasionally, she wears her baking hat (which we all love and enjoy!), and today she wore her gardening hat. Thank you so much for what you do.

Chris Meyers Bonnie 04/12/2019

Really appreciate the extra attention Chris gives to the cats. On her afternoons she can be found sitting on the cold concrete floor singing or giving belly rubs to individual cats who need extra TLC.

She always notices changes in their behavior/health and does everything possible to make them more comfortable, like extra bedding and cuddles.

Chris has also been a big help in holding cats for photos and she jumps in to clean all the empty cages each day.

Chris will be leaving us at the end of April and I wish her the best and want to make sure she knows what a difference she made in her time as a volunteer here!

Carrie Hardy Sandee 04/11/2019

Thank you Carrie for always stopping and helping me with the Cat Pawsitive data information.

You helped to make my part if the program so much easier!

Cat Pawsitive Team JP 04/05/2019

What an amazing job the Cat Pawsitive crew has been doing! The reports, photos and videos are not only thorough, but encouraging and inspiring.

Both volunteers and staff have contributed to this endeavor. A whole lot of work goes in to not only the training, but the photography and reporting for these animals and it was all done well.

Looking forward to the next step, training others to do the same.

Kudos to the CP team!

Sandee A Chris B 03/21/2019

Sandee is always gungho in the care of our cat population. Always the first, along with Bonnie, to supply extra blankets in the cold air conditioned Rooms A and B, as well as offering support to fellow volunteers, too inexperienced to know who to ask for help, or get the names of other staff. She lifted my spirits today, 3/20 when I saw a cat miss two possible adoptions because he just wasn't in the mood to be charming, and the needs of two seniors without their proper nourishment and where to get it.

And she lifted me on a personal level, knowing I was facing a difficult next day. Thanks Sandee. I appreciate you.

Ray Volunteer 03/11/2019

Ray is AWESOME!!!

He is always willing to offer a helping to hand to anyone who is around. He spends much of his time at the shelter with the dogs on Sundays trying to help them become comfortable for their big photo shoot! This is no easy task as most of our pups have never seen a real camera before...let alone, a backdrop with costumes and requested poses.

His dedication and love for the dogs have helped show potential adopters their fancier side through thousands of photos. We, and the dogs, Thank You!

Jessica Dalton Bonnie 02/14/2019

In addition to conducting cat training for new volunteers, fostering kitties, training cats under the Cat Pawsitive grant and basically jumping in with whatever promotion needs her, Jessica has taken on the collection and distribution of donated pet food to Council on Aging for their Meals on Wheels participants with pets. This is a huge help for the housebound in our community. Jessica has already processed tens of thousands of pounds of food for distribution in 2018 and 2019. This entails sorting, packing and some very heavy lifting, a lot of driving, keeping spreadsheets and lots of coordination with OCOA and donors.

Thank you, Jessica, for all you do to help pets and pet families in Osceola!

Dr Beth Mc Collough Kim 01/16/2019

Dr. Beth constantly goes above and beyond as the medical expert on the team. Her passion for saving lives is unparalleled.

She fosters, takes animals home post-operatively, checks on patients over the weekend and conducts a variety of procedures to address a myriad of medical issues. The days of just doing spays and neuters are over.

Kudos to Dr. Beth for her hard work and diligence!

Bonnie Fraser JP 01/13/2019

Bonnie has completed no less than 28 cat profiles in the past 30 days! All well worded and clever, these descriptions make an impact in our community and help make these cats more adoptable.

Thank you, Bonnie!

John P Kim Staton 12/12/2019

Huge thank you to John P for his diligence in helping to get the new animal services website up and lookin' good as well as serving on the service enterprise team.

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