Hello Osceola County!

Osceola County Animal Services receives over 6,000 pets and livestock animals every year. The vast majority of these animals are not wearing any form of identification and are not microchipped. And in cases where pets are microchipped, we often discover the information on the owner is no longer valid. In short, we have no way to contact an owner.

Nationally, only 5% of unidentified animals that end up in shelters are reunited with their owners. This is a sad statistic especially knowing it can easily be changed if owners would take the initiative to make sure pets are always properly identified.

Here are  a few things for pet owners to consider:

1.Never discount the possibility that a lost pet may end up in an animal shelter. Always check!

2.Complete a lost pet report immediately if you don’t know where your pet has gone. You can complete a lost pet report for Osceola County by going to www.osceolacountypets.com. Once you submit a lost pet report, you will be able to view many of the animals in our shelter to see if your pet is here. Please also visit the shelter frequently as animals come in every day.

3.Visit other animal shelters in your area to look for your pet.

4. Post lost pet flyers in your neighborhood and check with nearby veterinary clinics.

5.Use local social media resources to enlist the help of others in finding your pet. Please visit LOST/FOUND PET OSCEOLA COUNTY FL to alert others of your lost pet and check posts to see if your pet has been found.

6.Enter a photo of your pet and all related information into www.FindingRover.com  This is another way to help ensure you get your best friend back home safely! Please do this now. Don’t wait for your pet to become lost to register.

6. ALWAYS make sure your pet is wearing valid identification. Please never make exceptions! Valid ID means the information associated with the tag or microchip number will provide an accurate telephone number, email address and/or physical address of the owner. We also strongly encourage microchip identification as a secondary means of identification in the event the tag is lost, removed, or stolen. Keep information up to date as you move, change phones number, email addresses, etc.

Please don’t take your pet’s safety for granted. Don’t become complacent when it comes to proper identification of your pet(s). It may literally be a life saver and is one of the easiest yet most neglected things an owner can do for a pet. If you love them, and we know you do, please make sure that pet identification is always available and valid.

As much as we love dogs and cats, we would prefer they be at home. Animal Services Officers will return lost pets who are wearing current tags back to the owner free of charge. Please make sure your pet will get a FREE RIDE HOME if he becomes lost.