The Osceola County Department of Emergency Management will announce the opening of each Pet Friendly shelter. The shelters are open as needed but should only be used as a last resort. It is always best to stay with family, friends or at a hotel*.
*If a family chooses to stay at a hotel or motel, it is at their expense.

Pet owners using the pet friendly shelter should bring the following supplies for their animal(s):

  • A crate to house the pet. It should have enough room for the animal to stand up, lie down and stretch.

  • A label on the crate with the owners name and phone number is mandatory.

  • Any animal medications in waterproof bag.

  • Food (for at least three days) in a waterproof bag or bags.

  • Water and food bowls, blankets and toys.

  • Cleaning supplies, including paper towels, spray bottle and trash bags.

  • Veterinary records for each pet in an air tight bag.

  • Photo of your pet or pets.

It is recommended that all items are stored in plastic bags inside a plastic tote container.

Harmony High School, St Cloud and East

Liberty High School, Poinciana/Kissimmee

Kissimmee Middle School, Central Kissimmee/BVL

Pet Friendly Lodging in Osceola County*


*This choice is at the citizen’s expense.
This list should not to be considered a recommendation
but for information only.
Pet friendly lodging, Osceola County area.