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Shout out to:Mr. Lackey

Department:front desk clerks

A Great Big Thank You to Mr. Lackey for his assistance at the Front Desk. He has been a great help and we really appreciate his hard work and dedication. Mr. Lackey always goes above and beyond. Thank you for all you do!

Shout out to:Kennel Techs

Department:team effort

We just want to say a huge thank you to the kennel attendants for helping out vet suite during our hectic doctor-stopped-by-lets-get-rabies-and-vet-checks-done time. You will never understand how helpful you guys are.

Shout out to:Jessica & Stephanie


Last week we got in a group of 10 dogs that needed to go to foster. A huge thank you to Jessica & Stephanie for getting everything done so they didn't have to spend the holiday weekend here. It was a lot of work and we appreciate your commitment to helping the animals!

Shout out to:Drive thru event staff

Department:team effort

To those that put the thoughts into action and pulled it off.
That was such a nice volunteer appreciation drive thru event, it was enjoyable.
Thank You so much for showing the volunteers so much love by putting together this event.

Shout out to:JANE

Department:kennel staff

Thank you Jane! for donating all those fleece blankets! It will definitely help us keep everyone warm for the winter.

Shout out to:Jane

Department:kennel staff

We just want to say a big thank you to Jane for taking the time and organizing our prescription food in food prep, not only by species but also by type and expiration date. It looks amazing!





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