Published Tue October 6, 2020

Owner's comments:


Thank you for following up with us concerning our adoption of Toph, (yes, we've decided to keep her name).

She's a tough little cookie, who is curiously fearless and we are absolutely crazy about this little girl!

She is settling in rather nicely, so far, albeit, cautiously with our dog, Roo, but I have a feeling that they soon will become friends, at least that is my hope. By the way, Roo was also rescued there at your facility five years ago.

Toph loves to eat as if each meal is her last, especially Roo's food, if we let her, (which we don't).

She also loves to follow us around and "help" with everything, lol.

Adopting a pet from your facility was a good decision, one that has brought much joy to our family, twice over, and one that I would recommend to anyone.

Thank you.

Adopted pet's nameToph
Date of adoption07/01/2022