Published Thu May 4, 2023

First nameMelissa
EmailEmail hidden; Javascript is required.
Phone(717) 538-3780
Reason for surrenderMy daughter is having a baby
My current living situation is...I would rather not say.
Number of animals to be discussed?1
Reason(s) for concern - click all that apply.
  • allergies
  • moving
  • no time for care
  • no longer want animal
Shelter to client contact date09/15/2023
Surrender necessaryno
Staff member making appointment(s).dm
Call outcomeresolved by client
Final call date09/26/2023
Admin notes

9/15/23 Called Melissa who stated dog belongs to her son who just moved in with the mother and brought his dog and gf. Gf is currently pregnant and is being protective of the gf due to pregnancy. Owner stated dog actively growls and will not allow her son to get close to his gf. Owner was advised due to the behavior the dog has a chance of euthanasia as we are extremely full and cannot promise how the dog will act here. Informed mother due to her son owning the dog she needs to speak with him about all the options that he has, and we would call back on Monday to find out a final determination on what they would like to do with the dog. C. Wildermuth
9/26/23 called and spoke to the owner and she said she is going to hold off because the dog is pregnant. I advise her to be very cautious with the dog's behavior. DM

Final surrender outcomenot applicable
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