Published Thu May 4, 2023

First namePhil
Last nameArroyo
EmailEmail hidden; Javascript is required.
Phone(407) 952-7668
Reason for surrendermedical just came out of hospital cannot care for dog
My current living situation is...I have a stable home.
Number of animals to be discussed?1
Reason(s) for concern - click all that apply.
  • no time for care
Shelter to client contact date09/21/2023
Surrender necessaryyes
Staff member making appointment(s).Hardy
Call outcomeappointment made
Final call date09/21/2023
Admin notes

9/21/23 Made appointment early because man is 75 and just came out of hospital. Claims he is unable to walk and care for the dog any longer and dog likes to escape. Filled out form online for him. CH

Close ticketno
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