Fostering an animal or animals is a very rewarding experience for both the foster an the animal. In the year 2017, fosters animals at Osceola Animal Services spent over 16,000 days in Osceola County homes.

How to get started:

In order to be able to foster, the following criteria have to be met.

The foster must be a resident of Osceola County and 18 years of age.

The foster must have the permission of the landlord, if there is one, to foster an animal.

The foster must have the permission of the family to foster.

The foster must have transportation to and from the shelter for appointments.

The foster must take and pass the online foster learning module and complete the foster application. The link to get started is located at the bottom of this page. The module will take just about an hour to complete.

The foster need not worry about necessary supplies, food and medical needs at they will be provided by Osceola County Animal Services. Additionally, our team of staff and volunteers will be available for advice and moral support during your foster journey.

Quick Facts

Fostering, in most cases, lasts from three to six weeks.

Most fosters are cats or kittens, though dogs are sometimes available.

Some of our fosters are special needs animals.

Animals must be fostered due to any of the following circumstances. The first three are the most common. Please let us know if you have the skills needed to foster a special needs animal.

  1. The animal is too small for adoption.

  2. The animal is recovering from a procedure.

  3. The animal needs to be socialized.

  4. The animal needs to be hand fed.

  5. The animal is displaying behavior issues.

  6. Other assorted reasons.

If you decide that fostering is for you, please complete the process below and we will be happy to welcome you to our team!

Click the link below to begin the process.

I want to start fostering!