Gender: Male
Colors: White
Species: Dog
Arrived: 05/22/2019
Breed: Mix breed
ID: A285490
Weight: 51.60

Howdy guys!

My name is Bruno, and the lady here at the shelter as me what I wanted people to know about me. That is a pretty tough question. I think I am a good boy. I used to live on a farm, but I didn’t along with some of the other animals, so my humans said I needed to find a new family. Everyone is pretty nice here, but it isn’t anything like my old home and I would like to find a new family to live with. The here say I am really quiet and gentle. I will need some time to get used all these new sights and sounds. Sometimes, they give me treats. I like to lick those up. I am learning to play with other dogs and toys. I love when they take me to the play yard so I can smell and run, bark and chase. That is probably my favorite part of being here. Do you think that you have a yard I can play in? I guess that it what I want people to know… That I am a good boy who just wants to be a happy dog playing with his new family.

How to adopt this pet

If you are interested in adopting this featured pet, you may call us to see if it is still available, however, we can not hold an animal. If you wish to adopt you must come to the facility, fill out the application and pay for the adoption. In most situations you will not be able to take your animal home the same day, it must be first sprayed or neutered.


Getting in touch

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Adoption fees

All dog and cat adoptions include spay/neuter and the first set of shots for the pet as well as the first pet license.

For payment, we accept cash, check or Master Card, Discover and Visa credit and debit cards.

Regular adoption fees:

Cats: $70

Dogs: $75


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