• We provide education and enforcement of the Osceola County Animal Code and certain Florida Statutes.

  • Our jurisdiction is Osceola County, is  which is 1,505 square miles.

  • We have eleven (11) Animal Control Officers, one (1) Senior Animal Control Officer and one (1) Field Supervisor.

  • We respond to approximately eleven thousand (11,000) calls for service each year.

  • In addition to enforcement duties, our officers provide education to the community on keeping pets safe, general pet care, and complying with existing requirements for keeping pets.

  • You can view a copy of the most up to date animal code for Osceola County, Kissimmee, and St Cloud by clicking the ordinances link below.

Work hours

  • Monday – Friday,  8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m., respond to all calls for service.

  • Saturday and Sunday, emergency services only.

If you need to request an Animal Services officer, please call 407-742-8000 extension 4.

The following is a list of calls that Animal Services Officers routinely respond to:

  • Injured or sick animal

  • Cruelly treated or neglected animal

  • Abandoned animal

  • Nuisance:

    • Excessive noise

    • Offensive odor

    • Dogs running loose, “at-large.”

  • Bite incident

  • Alligators four feet or less in length (outside of habitat). Larger alligators call the Florida Wildlife and Conservation Commission.

  • Venomous snakes on outside property. 

For all other animal calls, information, or concerns please contact the Osceola County Animal Services Office at 407-742-8000.

After hours

We have one Animal Services Officer on-call for after hour emergency complaints. Residents should call 407-742-8000 for an Animal Services Officer to be dispatched. Emergency calls include:

  • Aggressive dog at large

  • Injured or sick animal

  • Bite incident/person bitten by animal

  • Law Enforcement Assistance

Officers will not respond to non-emergency calls after hours. This includes dogs at large, nuisance complaints, and other routine complaints.

Roadside deceased animal removal

  • Osceola County: All roadside deceased animals on county roads  are picked up by the Osceola County Road and Bridge department. You can reach them by calling 407-742-7500. They can also pick up sick or injured animals.

  • City of Kissimmee: Roadside animal corpses on the City of Kissimmee right of way are picked up by the city road department. You can reach them by calling 407-518-2506.

  • City of St Cloud: Roadside animal corpses on the City of St Cloud right of way are picked up by the city road department. You can reach them by calling 407-957-7357.

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