We can only accept pet surrenders from
residents of Osceola County, Florida.

The surrender form begins under this procedures list.

An appointment is required for all pet surrenders; citizens cannot just bring their animals to the shelter for surrender at any time.

► Through this process, appointments with citizens are set as needed.

► Through this process, we can maintain a safer shelter, free from overcrowding. Overcrowding increases illness and stress among the animals.

How it works:

► The citizen completes the surrender request form located below.

► You will send us information on the animal or animals that you would like to surrender.

► The shelter will receive a copy of the form and someone will contact you for further details.

► If it is decided that the pet must be surrendered, an appointment will be set. Appointment dates vary.

► We request that you attempt to rehome the animal yourself, if possible. We have assembled a Pet Rehome Resource page to help you with this task. The link is below.

Estimated surrender wait time in days: 90

If you want to download and read over the process steps before applying, use the buttons below.