We need your help to assist us in saving
Osceola County’s neediest pets!

The issue…

► Osceola County Animal Services is an open access shelter, so we have to take in just about any and every domestic and farm animal that is either found stray or surrendered to us.

► Some of these animals have existing medical and other issues that severely effect their quality of life.

► Through neglect, abuse or just simply being lost, many animals need some extra help.

What your contribution can help pay for

► extraordinary medical procedures

► medication

► treatments

► specialized food

► animal enrichment

► emergency interventions

Kept local

► All of the funds donated help only the pets at our shelter.

► When possible, local providers will be used for services.

How to donate

► Simply complete the safe, secure form by clicking below to donate funds that will help our neediest Osceola County pets. Thank you!

Dog - Nora upon shelter arrival
How Nora arrived at the shelter.
Dog - Nora in her new home
Nora in her new home.
Sir Phillip arrived this way.
Sir Phillip
How Sir Phillip left the shelter

Olive the dog photo collage
Olive before and after