► To provide the best care possible to animals that come to our shelter:

■ regardless of circumstance,

■ to be diligent in our efforts to save lives,

■ and to educate and assist our community with animal related problems.

► We work to reduce threats posed by animals to public safety through proactive enforcement, education, assistance, and prevention based programs.

► Osceola County Animal Services is a department of Osceola County government funded by County taxes.

► Our budget is supplemented by the generous donations of our community as well as grants.

► We are an open access animal shelter which requires us to accept animals from Osceola County residents regardless of temperament, health, or history. Each animal is individually evaluated for potential adoption.

► We are a managed intake animal shelter with procedures in place to help families keep their pets, when possible.

► Our goal is to become a high live release shelter just as soon as we can. With the team that we have in place, we know that this lofty goal will be realized while continuing to keep the community safe, our number one priority.

► Our field officers work to ensure public safety and animal welfare within our over 1,500 square mile jurisdiction.

Our team

Osceola County Animal Services boasts a strong team of dedicated staff and volunteers.

Our collective goals are to maintain safety and to find all of the adoptable animals that come to us their forever homes.

To this end, we work together to develop and improve our community presence through training, interacting with the community, marketing and constantly updating and improving our procedures.

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