How can we help you keep your pet or pets?

One of our goals at Animal Services is to help families keep their beloved pets. To this end, a program called (LEASH) “Let Every Animal Stay at Home” was instituted in 2017. While we understand that families face hardships, we also believe that a well cared for, healthy pet can help people through many of life’s challenges. Thus, we discontinued the practice of having citizens show up and just surrender a pet – we want to help when we can. However, we know that there are situations where retaining the family pet is not an option.

Please do not bring your pet to the shelter for surrender without a prior appointment.
We cannot accept walk in pet surrenders. Please use the process described below.

Estimated surrender wait time in days. / Tiempo estimado de espera para la entrega en días.70

The Pet Retention Process (Managed Intake)

Step 1: Needs Assessment

The needs assessment begins when a citizen contacts one of our Pet Retention Specialists to begin the process. There are two ways to contact the Pet Retention office:

  • Reach us by telephone at 407-742-8025 if you do not have access to the internet (you will leave a message and someone will return your call in order to complete the online form over the phone), or

  • click the link below to complete the online request form (Recommended – this is the most efficient and quickest way to reach us).

Reach us by completing a form.

Step 2: Discussion

The pet retention office will contact the citizen and discuss what the issue or issues are and what may be needed for the family to keep the animal or animals. The staff member will share with the citizen the resources available through Animal Services. At the conclusion of this conversation, a cooperative decision will be made concerning the best course of action for all parties. Sometimes, the process will end after this step and the citizen will retain the animal or animals.

Step 3: Surrender

As necessary, arrangements will be made for the family to surrender their pet to the shelter. Prior to the appointment for giving up the animal, the pet owner will be asked to complete a Pet Profile which will give the shelter necessary information to prepare the animal for adoption, if appropriate.

Resources available to help families keep their pets:

  • advice on dealing with specific problems

  • special deals on food

  • contacts for animal training

  • low-cost veterinary care

  • low cost spay/neuter

  • other resources

Dog and cat lying down next to each other



An alternative: Rehoming the pet or pets yourself

Some of our clients prefer to rehome their pet or pets themselves. This allows you to choose the family to whom your pet will go.

If you may be interested in this option, please visit the Adopt a Pet Rehome site by clicking on the link below.

Adopt a Pet logo

Rehome page



The information presented on the above linked pet rehome site is provided by individual owners looking to rehome their animals, and stands “as is” without any warranties, expressed or implied.

Osceola County makes no guarantees or warranties regarding the health or temperament of the animals made available for rehoming on this website. Further, Osceola County shall not be held liable for the behavior of the animals rehomed via this website nor any damages the animal may cause.