L.E.A.S.H. is a program to help Osceola County families keep their beloved pets.

If you need assistance keeping your pet, we want to help you any way that we can.

We can temporarily provide needy pet families with

  • short term supply of food

  • very limited discounted veterinary, spay or neuter services

  • or other items (as available)

All or some of the above may be available as limited resources allow.

We also have a pet care resource list that we can share.

To contact our Pet Retention office for assistance, advice, or to surrender a pet; please click the link to complete a Pet Retention Contact form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I have to wait to surrender my animal?

A: This system began in 2017 and is designed to prevent shelter overcrowding which, in turn, makes for a healthier environment for our pets and community.

Q: Do you operate a public veterinary clinic?

A: We do not operate a veterinary clinic that is open to the public, but we may be able to assist with minor problems or needs such as vaccinations, deworming, etc. Please contact us for more information.

Q: Can I contact Animal Services if I have a pet emergency situation?

A: No; pet owners should not call us if they have an emergency with a pet; they should reach out to a local clinic or emergency veterinary clinic.

  • If you call here first, precious time may be wasted.

  • If you have already called and are not able to afford the cost of veterinary care, then you can contact us.

  • You will be referred to Care Credit and Scratch Pay, services that can help finance vet care prior to receiving assistance from Animal Services. Links to these two services are below. 

Link to Scratch Pay         Link to Care Credit
The above are independent services and not affiliated with either Animal Services or Osceola County.

Q: Are you 100% sure that, if I surrender my pet, it will be adopted?

A: Although the outcome for most animals is positive, we cannot guarantee the outcome for every pet.

Let Every Animal Stay at Home poster

Please do not bring your pet to the shelter for surrender without a prior appointment.
We cannot accept walk in pet surrenders. Please submit a form or call us at 407-742-8025.

Estimated surrender wait time in days. / Tiempo estimado de espera para la entrega en días.60



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