Community Cats in Osceola County

There are an estimated 50,000 – 60,000 Community Cats in
Osceola County.

Close up photo of adult brown and beige cat's face.

Community Cats FAQ

What are Community Cats?

►   Cats that live outdoors.

►  May or may not be friendly.

►  May or may not be aggressive.

► May include pets left behind.

How are Community Cats a problem?

► Unaltered females can have an average of 2-3 litters of 2-3 cats per year.

► Stray cats cause noise, odor and other complaints.

► Large colonies can spread disease quickly.

The solution?

► T = Trap – the cat is trapped in its habitat.

► N = Neuter – the cat is sterilized to prevent future births.

► V = Vaccinate – rabies & other vaccines.

► R = Return – the cat is returned to its habitat.

■ We can help with the humane trapping, spaying/neutering, vaccinating, and ear-tipping of community cats.

■ Once they recover, the cats are returned to their areas, and their numbers are reduced over time.

Community Cat links


Cat colony

We can work together to solve this problem.

Feral cat

File a help request

Click the link below to contact the
OCAS Community Cats Department.

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Volunteer for Animal Services

We need volunteers for Cat Care, Community Cats and Neighborhood Canvassing.

feral cats

Deter cats from your yard

We have lists of deterrents that can keep cats away with no harm to cat or environment.

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What to do if you find a kitten or kittens

Please view a short video from our partners at Best Friends Animal Society addressing this subject.

Career Cat Program

Career Cats are Community Cats that
cannot return to the place they
were trapped.
These are outdoor cats used to living wild.
Many of these cats have never lived
inside a home.
Career cats seeking employment logo and flyer

► The outdoor cats in this program do not tend to like being around people very much.

► They generally have no desire to be lap cats; they are used to and thrive in an outdoor life.

► The Career Cats program places these cats in situations where they can survive and thrive while helping their owner keep an area free of pests.

► In most cases, our adopted out Career Cats wind up performing vermin control duties in local barns and sheds.