Your lost dog or cat, wearing a current tag, can get a free ride home!
Updated and improved pet licensing.
The neediest animals need your help
We are pleased to have been chosen as a grant recipient for the Florida Animal Friend annual grant award.
Low cost pet care for underserved communities.
We want to help you keep your pet or get a new one!
The Osceola County Commission passed Ordinance 2018-69 to help citizens identify animal abusers who have been convicted in Osceola County over a 5 year period.
Commissioner holding a special dog.
You provide the love & care, we provide the rest!
We want to help you keep your pet or get a new one!
Pittsburgh Aviation Animal Rescue Team transports animals to Florida and South Carolina rescue groups At the request of the ASPCA® (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®), Osceola County Animal Services received 17 homeless dogs displaced by Hurricane Maria in St. Croix on Thursday.
PR17-76 In an effort to reduce the number of pets that wind up at the Osceola County Animal Services shelter on a daily basis, a new, “managed intake” program will launch on October 16.
Hurricane season is here and while most Floridians know to prepare a hurricane kit for themselves, sometimes making preparations for our pets can be an afterthought.
Planning ahead for our animals as well as our human family can go a long way to avoiding what happens all too often – finding a last minute solution to the problem of what to do before, during and after a disaster.
Animal Services Stories of Success. Manolo the Flying Dog
Trapping code of feral and domesticated cats.
PR16-61 Osceola County, Florida – Osceola County, in partnership with local non-profit organization SNiP-It! held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new SNiP-It! Clinic Monday morning.
The Osceola Board of County Commissioners, and their non-profit partners SNiP-it of Central Florida, look to improve services available to pets and pet owners in Osceola County, while simultaneously reducing the need for pet euthanasia.
We are the lucky recipients of an equipment grant from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)!
Did you know that on a 70 degree day it is still too hot to leave a pet in the car?
Happy Trails Animal Rescue is a local animal rescue that offers prevention based services in addition to animal rescue and adoption. One of the services we offer is a pet food pantry to help the elderly on fixed incomes and families experiencing financial hardships feed their pets to prevent them from going hungry or ending up in local shelters.