News: Free Ride Home Program

Published Wed May 15, 2024

Help your pet get back home!

Any dog or cat that is found wearing a current Osceola County license tag by an Animal Control Officer, even when a complaint has been filed, will receive a courtesy ride home by the Officer if the owner can be reached.

► This only applies in non-emergency/public safety situations and is a one-time courtesy offered by Animal Services.

► The owner will not be cited for the violation but will be encouraged to correct any problems that may contribute to the pet getting loose and running at large.

An Osceola County License tag should be your pet’s primary form of identification because we can track owner information any time, day or night. Microchipping is a permanent form of pet identification and is also recommended.

Photo of large dog with head out of car window.
Need a new tag for your pet?
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New OCAS pet license tag

Why Should Your Pet Wear a Current Osceola County License Tag?

► Should your pet get loose, it lets the public know the animal has been vaccinated against rabies.

► It serves as a means of identification. If a citizen calls Animal Services with the tag number, we can track down owner information and make an effort to contact him/her. This can also avoid a trip to the shelter for a lost pet and unnecessary fees to an owner. We can also identify the veterinary clinic that has issued the tag and contact the owner’s veterinarian which may help facilitate getting the animal back home.

Please make sure your pets are always wearing a current Osceola County license tag. It could be your pet’s ticket home!

Offer is active only for pets found in Osceola County.