Both of the official documents described on this page are utilized at the discretion of the Animal Control Officer handling each individual case.

Official Notice

Informs the animal owner that there is an issue with their animal that has been reported by a citizen, law enforcement or witnessed by an Animal Control Officer, and that the Animal Control Officer has been to the owner’s property to investigate.

  • It may serve as an official warning to the owner that action needs to be taken to avoid a citation and a fine for violation of a county ordinance or ordinances.

  • It may give the owner a deadline to complete a task (such as obtaining a pet license) within a certain time frame to avoid a citation.

  • It may inform an animal owner that their pet has been reported as a nuisance due to certain behaviors.

  • It may serve as a notice of animal impoundment due to a violation or violations of county ordinances.

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Used by Animal Control Officers to officially inform an animal owner that there is or was a violation of an Osceola County Animal Ordinance that has been observed, reported and documented.

Citation fees are issued according to the number of offenses you have had:

  • Failure to Obtain Tags: $50 to $200

  • Failure to Wear Tags: $50 to $200

  • Failure to Vaccinate: $100 to $400

  • At-Large / Improperly Confined: $100 to $400

  • Animal Creating Nuisance: $100 to $400

  • Aggressive Animal: $150 to $450

  • Failure to Properly Maintain Dangerous Dog: $500

  • Cruel Treatment of Animal: $500

  • Interference w/ Animal Control Officer: $500

The animal owner receiving the citation has ten business days to respond, either by paying the fine by certified check, money order or cash; or requesting a hearing on the violation.