Rabies vaccination isn’t just to keep your pet safe.

It keeps you, your family, your friends, and the community safe.

Please keep pets rabies vaccinated!

Other tips on rabies prevention include:

  1. Don’t leave pet food or garbage out over night.

  2. Teach children to enjoy wildlife from a safe distance.

  3. Do not keep wildlife as pets.

  4. Do not handle wildlife, dead or alive.

  5. Report bites or scratches to your local Health Department or Animal Service organization. Osceola County Animal Services, 407-742-8000, 3910 Old Canoe Creek Rd., St. Cloud, FL. Seek medical attention without delay!

  6. Keep pets inside to minimize or prevent interaction with wildlife.

  7. Talk with your veterinarian about vaccines for horses and other livestock.

  8. If you see sick or strange acting animals, domestic or wild, please call the number above and request an Animal Services Officer. Be sure to advise there is a sick animal.