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Updated Community Appreciation Day poster

Community Appreciation Day Gallery 2023

Community Appreciation Day is a great event for animal lovers of all ages!
Olive the dog photo collage


Olive is a 7 year old spayed pointer mix.  We found her in June 2021 when we arrived at the shelter; she was tied to the gate.  Olive had a severe preexisting eye injury...
Horse Acero - before help 2


Acero was seized in May 2021 as part of a group of 150 animals. He was emaciated, diagnosed with hepatitis, anhidrosis (unable to sweat), paraphimosis, and needed his hooves trimmed and teeth floated.
Collage of dog - Hailey


Hailey came to Animal Services in April of 2021.  Though her stay with us was supposed to be a short one,  the owner never returned for her.  This dog was scared of almost everything,...
Dog - Nora in her new home


Nora arrived at the shelter as a stray in October of 2020 with the injuries pictured in the photo on the right. It is believed that this unfortunate animal was used as a bait...
Sir Phillip

Sir Phillip

Sir Phillip is a 20 year old Paso Fino gelding. He was rescued by our Animal Control Officers in January of 2020. When found as a stray animal, Sir Phillip was  malnourished and underweight....
Black cat on chair - Flop Tee

Flop Tee

Tee came to me as a foster kitten in 2018. We knew there was something different about him and over the course of a few months we had our answer, Tee was deaf. So...
Photo of plane passenger sitting with Manolo, the flying dog, a happy white Pit Bull.

Manolo, the flying dog

A success story A few years back a dog arrived at the shelter as a stray animal. Vex, as he was named, showed potential and was assigned to the TREATS Dog Training Program for...