Flop Tee

Tee came to me as a foster kitten in 2018. We knew there was something different about him and over the course of a few months we had our answer, Tee was deaf. So I became a foster failure which means Tee became a member of our family. He loves to get in the bathtub and meow loudly to feel the vibrations. Tee also loves to lay on your chest while you sing or hum to him.

His favorite songs are “You Are My Sunshine” and “We Love You Conrad (Tee) from Bye Bye Birdie.” Tee’s favorite toys are plastic straws, wand toys, and lasers. He has cat friends that he likes to play with and chase around. Tee earned his name by jumping up like a TNT firecracker and he likes to flop over on his side when you pet him.