News: Welcome, PetData

Published Tue March 14, 2023

Our new licensing partner

PetData; Quick Facts*:

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    Petdata started in 1994 and currently serves over 80 municipalities in the U.S.

  • To date, PetData has processed over 33,000,000 pet licenses and vaccination records.

  • PetData believes proper education on the benefits of licensing and vaccination generally promotes more responsible pet ownership, resulting in a safer, more informed community.

PetData’s licensing services for clients include:

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    Pet licensing on-line.

  • Processing all license applications.

  • Mailing license tags, notices and reminders.

  • Providing customer service to clients and pet owners.

  • Maintaining privacy of all data.

What are the benefits of having a current pet license?

  • Free ride home: In most cases, pets that are wearing current licenses get a free ride home if they become lost and are found by an Animal Services Officer.

  • It alerts the community to the fact the pet is owned, increasing the likelihood the pet will get back home without coming into the shelter. During a recent 30 day period, 43 found pets were reported by community members – none were wearing tags.

  • In the event a pet bites a person, pets that are not current on their rabies vaccination will have to be quarantined at animal services.

  • Pet owner information can be tracked online by officers 24/7 and the community, to the extent allowed by the owner, to get pets back home safely.

  • And did you know that your pet licensing dollars go into a designated fund to help support animal welfare programs in Osceola County? They do! So when you purchase a pet license, you are not only helping to keep your pet safe but are also helping other pets in your community.

Licensing fees as of October 1, 2022:

1 year license
Replacement tag: $10.00
3 year license:
Replacement tag: $10.00
55 & over
1 year license – $5.00 
3 year license – $10.00

Click the image below to visit the PetData website.

Pet Data logo small*Information provided through the PetData corporate website.