Cats eyes
Scarecrow animal deterrent
Scarecrow deterrent
Scaredy cat plant
Scaredy cat plant

Purchased deterrents

  • Please be advised that any deterrent used must be humane and cannot cause harm to any animal.

  • Most cats not only do not like water, they do not care for getting wet. This is where a scarecrow may be useful. This scarecrow is not made of straw but rather it is a motion-activated sprinkler device that is attached to a regular garden hose. When a cat passes by, it sends a burst of water in the direction of the animal. Typically, cats and other animals will bolt in the other direction. Caution needs to be exercised in the placement of this device as you do not want to accidentally spray passersby on the sidewalk, neighbors, etc.

  • Another deterrent is a sonic device, also motion activated, that emits a high frequency noise that cats do not like. This helps deter cats and other animals from areas you want to protect, like the top of your car. These devices operate on batteries but some have solar panels that will recharge them.

  • Digging deterrents come in a variety of inexpensive and easy to use forms ranging from pine cones to lava rocks to stone pavers. Rubber matting that has hard rubber spikes can also be used in garden areas.

Homemade Deterrents

  • Homemade deterrents using vinegar, citrus or essential oils as well as installing certain types of plants in the problem areas can also be effective.¬† Download our homemade deterrent recipe sheet by clicking the button¬† on the left.

  • This is only intended to be a partial list of options. Many more can be found online. In a search engine, enter “cat deterrents”.