Gender: Female
Colors: Black
Species: Cat
Arrived: 02/05/2019
Breed: Domestic sh
ID: A220698
Age: 3 YEARS
Weight: 8.10

I’m a sweet little girl in need of a good indoor home where I will be warm and cared for. I have luxurious medium-length fur which I enjoy getting brushed. My eyes are very mysterious like a panther’s, but I am sociable, eager to please, and anxious to belong to someone again.

Lately I have been working with Cat Pawsitive trainers, which just shows I’m not too old to learn new tricks! Please come visit me in Cat Room B where you can adopt me for just $14 – pawsome! Let’s start our journey together today!

How to adopt this pet

If you are interested in adopting this featured pet, you may call us to see if it is still available, however, we can not hold an animal. If you wish to adopt you must come to the facility, fill out the application and pay for the adoption. In most situations you will not be able to take your animal home the same day, it must be first sprayed or neutered.


Getting in touch

Our address is 3910 Old Canoe Creek Rd, St Cloud, FL 34769

Phone Number: 407-742-8000

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Adoption fees

All dog and cat adoptions include spay/neuter and the first set of shots for the pet.

Regular adoption fees:

Cats: $60

Dogs: $70

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