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What are Career Cats?

Career cats are not suited to be indoor pets. They are animals who do not tend to like being around people very much. These cats have no desire to be lap cats; they are working cats; former street cats who are used to an outdoor life.

Working cats, not pets

Career cats prefer minimal to no human contact.  Their job will be to tend to any small pest or vermin problems. Your cost is a bowl of cat food and water that is refreshed several times daily, along with veterinary care and shelter in a garage, barn or tack room.

Prepared for their tasks

Our career cats are spayed or neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, ear tipped and in need of a new rural outdoor home. These felines like to live in a barn, stable, garage, tack or utility room (as long as it does not get too hot) or even a warehouse.


We strongly believe these cats  do not deserve to die simply because they can’t go into a typical home environment. We recognize that they deserve shelter, access to food and water. They enjoy the stimulation of “critter hunting” that a barn placement provides.

Call us to see if we have a working career cat available for you;
call Animal Services – 407-742-8000 or call Best Friends Osceola – 407-608-2764; or fill out the short form below.

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