Steps to take if you find a stray pet

If you have found a lost pet, you have the opportunity to make another family very happy by reporting this to the shelter.

Please complete the online form by clicking the button below. The information about the found pet will be directed to one of our staff members as well as a lost pet display page.

  • We will not display your personal information (name, address, phone, email).
  • Please submit each found pet report just once.
  • When possible, include a picture to help us match the pet with its owner.

We also suggest posting found information around your neighborhood and providing your phone number or email address only. If someone calls indicating he/she has lost a pet, ownership is pretty easy to determine.

Also, please contact nearby veterinary clinics as the pet may belong to a client. Veterinarians are typically very helpful in trying to get pets back home.

Please do not hold animals “hostage” from an owner by not reporting a found pet.

Some questions contained in the Found Pet Form:

► Is the found pet a male or female?

► Describe the found pet.

► Is the pet spayed or neutered? Look for a tattoo below the stomach which usually indicates that the animal has been altered.

Owners will have to answer these and other questions to identify their pet before it can be returned.

► Animals are considered property under the law and withholding a lost pet may be illegal.

► If you feel the owner has neglected the pet, please report that to us at 407-742-8000 and we can address the problem.