Rehoming your pet is an alternative to bringing the pet to the shelter if you, for some reason, can no longer keep the animal in your family. It is an opportunity for you, as the owner, to choose where your pet will be  placed.

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What does rehoming a pet involve?

Rehoming your pet involves the current owner to do the following:

  • photographing and/or videotaping the animal

  • writing a pet profile describing the animal’s personality traits

  • posting the profile and photos or videos on the Adopt a Pet Rehome page

  • providing a way for an interested owner to get in contact with you

  • screening potential owners to ensure the best placement for your animal


The information presented on the above linked pet rehome site is provided by individual owners looking to rehome their animals, and stands “as is” without any warranties, expressed or implied.

Osceola County makes no guarantees or warranties regarding the health or temperament of the animals made available for rehoming on this website. Further, Osceola County shall not be held liable for the behavior of the animals rehomed via this website nor any damages the animal may cause.