Thank you for contacting us about becoming an animal rescue partner. In order to complete the process and receive approval of this partnership from Osceola County, we must ask that you provide the documentation listed below. For your convenience, we have provided electronic upload capabilities so that you can scan your documents and submit them to us electronically. To do so, you will need to have access to a scanner.

Please submit this form no matter how you plan to complete the documentation.

Required documents

  • Complete and submit a rescue agreement. You can download, print, read and sign the form then submit to us. For electronic submission, you will need to scan the document.You will want to keep a copy of this document for yourself.

Download rescue agreement
  • Provide proof of 501c3 not for profit registration which you will have received from the I.R.S.

  • Provide references from current shelter or rescue organizations currently holding working relationships with.

  • Provide Veterinary clinic and/or veterinarian’s name that is being utilized for medical care and treatment of all pets in custody of the rescue organization.

You may use the electronic upload fields below, fax the documents to us or mail the information to us at the following address:

Animal Services Rescue Partners
3910 Old Canoe Creek Rd
St Cloud, FL 34769
Fax (407) 891-1290