Silver dogs are over seven years of age. They come to us at Animal Services as both stray and surrendered animals. The surrendered animals sometimes even come with a written, detailed history.

Below are some reasons that our silver dogs may be your best adoption choice.

Group of five senior dogsTime:

New owners can spend less time training and more time enjoying because older dogs are almost always housebroken.

They are grown ups:

Senior dogs are fully grown and mature; so you know exactly what type of dog you’re getting in terms of size and temperament.

Older and wiser:

Mature, obedient dogs are generally more patient, more knowledgeable, less rambunctious, and more disciplined. They tend to be classified as mellow.

On a schedule:

Older dogs are accustomed to normal everyday schedules. Instead of having to go outside at all hours or, even worse, making a mistake in the house, older dogs will generally accomplish all off their business before bed time.

Senior dogLess foolishness:

Older dogs have already gone through the teething phase, sparing your dining room furniture, your best pair of shoes and possibly your couch.


Older dogs can sometimes be trusted for longer periods alone.

A loyal family friend:

Pets are a very positive interaction for teens, providing love and emotional support as well as teaching responsibility. Helping teens express emotion.

Happy senior chihuahua