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Team position title:Spanish Language Interpreter
Required prerequisites
  • cat care module complete
  • cat basics complete
  • dog care module complete
  • dog basics complete
  • foster module complete
  • guest care module complete
  • guest care training complete
  • guest care lead designation
  • kitten care module complete (recommended)
  • permission of department team
  • recommendation of staff
  • shelter basics complete
  • shelter basics module complete
Position description
  • Knowledge of shelter operations and facility
  • Knowledge of shelter staff names and functions
  • Willingness to work with individuals and groups
  • Public speaking skills
  • Fluent in both Spanish and English
  • Comfortable speaking both Spanish and English
Other attributes required
  • at least 18 years of age
  • lift 30 - 50 pounds
  • not allergic to animals
  • not allergic to cleaning products
  • walk distances
  • work with the public
  • writing skills
  • share ideas
  • organization skills
Other position details

The successful interpreter has the ability to answer commonly asked questions about shelter operations
and/or adoptions as the following:
o What is the procedure for adoptions?
o What fees can I expect to pay?
o What is the behavior of the dog and/or cat I am interested in?
o How do surrender my animal?
o How do I get my animal euthanized?
o How do I renew my county tags and/or rabies license?
o How do I look for my lost cat and/or dog?

Selection of the Spanish language interpreter will be made by the volunteer coordinator and other team members.

Separate application requiredno
Print position description PDF. Download position description pdf.