Pet profiles help make our residents more interesting and adoptble.

The profile has been redesigned to include bullet-point descriptions.

  • Each pet can have 5-6 descriptive sentences.

  • Sentences should avoid over used words and phrases, including “nice”, “sweet”, “looking for a forever home”.

  • Pet’s id number and other general information can be found on the pet’s web page.

  • The pet’s picture can be downloaded from the website by right clicking on the photo, save image as.

  • Better yet, upload your own photo of the pet.

  • After you upload the photo, there will be an crop button. If your photo is too big, the edit will allow you to center it. When all is well, click crop.

Here is an example of a pet with a profile.

View Glacier’s webpage. Please click the Download or view pdf link on the page to see the result.

  • There is a partial entries button at the bottom of the form that you can use if you need to find more information prior to submitting the profile. Click that and the software will send you a link to continue later; click Submit when your pet profile is complete. Only completed profiles will be awarded points.

Each complete profile will be embedded in the animal’s web page and generate a downloadable pdf.

One hour volunteer time is awarded for each complete, usable pet profile.


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