Published Tue October 6, 2020

Owner's comments:

Hi all,

I wanted to share some pics with you. Esther is settling in beautifully. Yesterday she was def a little nervous, but she took to Martin right away and would lift her paw when he stopped petting her. Today she’s been on the bed with us (we have a pet ramp, but Martin is lifting her on and off until she gets used to it) and she was basically taking up his whole lap. 😂

She goes to the vet tom, but we checked with her in the meantime and are giving her some meticam and gabapentin for mobility and pain. I’ll let you know what our vet says tom. Obviously we are most concerned about the toe.

She’s now met the whole pack due to an open door and everyone heading outside to see her. There was no drama and she’s fine with everyone.

We are just thrilled with her progress. Today she’s far more social, up walking around and investigating things, being more affectionate and REALLY enjoying mealtime. We’ve decided she’s going to be just fine. ❤️


Kim van der Sanden

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Adopted pet's nameEsther Margaret
Date of adoption07/10/2022