Published Tue October 6, 2020

Owner's comments:

Hi all,

I had to share this with you. For someone that was disinterested, she sure doesn’t like it when Martin stops petting her!

She went to the vet today and has two meds for her hips. Her toe does not need to be amputated, but there is a growth on top of the toe that needs to be removed so she is being scheduled for that and to have her teeth cleaned.

She has decided sleeping on tempurpedic beds is preferable to the floor. She sleeps with our daughter at night. She doesn’t even try to move until we lift her down in the morning and in fact was so hasty to go to bed last night she jumped on Emma’s bed! It surprised the hell out of us and we won’t be encouraging it.

Overall she’s walking quite well. She’s got a lot of pep in step, really. It’s good to see the change in her. ❤️

Kim van der Sanden

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Adopted pet's nameEsther Margaret update
Date of adoption07/13/2022