Published Thu May 4, 2023

First nameSavannah
Last nameSessions
EmailEmail hidden; Javascript is required.
Phone(321) 317-5605
Reason for surrenderPet sitting turned permanent
My current living situation is...I have a stable home.
Number of animals to be discussed?1
Reason(s) for concern - click all that apply.
  • cost of food
  • cost of vet care
  • has too many pets
  • no time for care
Shelter to client contact date09/15/2023
Surrender necessaryno
Staff member making appointment(s).dm
Call outcomenon responsive to contact/no show
Final call date09/26/2023
Admin notes

9/26/23 called multiple times and had no response or call back I closed out the leash form DM

Final surrender outcomenot applicable
Close ticketyes
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