Published Thu May 4, 2023

First nameYandel
Last nameMorales
EmailEmail hidden; Javascript is required.
Phone(321) 284-7033
Reason for surrenderIm moving out of the state
My current living situation is...I have a stable home.
Number of animals to be discussed?1
Reason(s) for concern - click all that apply.
  • moving
Shelter to client contact date09/18/2023
Surrender necessaryyes
Staff member making appointment(s).DM
Call outcomeappointment made
Admin notes

9/21/23 Person walked into the shelter. Wanted to surrender dog. Found they had done request. Explained I had tried to call them and I had sent them an email. Had conversation with him. Found he has three other dogs in the home. None of the animals are fixed. The Oldest male is fighting with this dog. There is a unaltered female in the home as well. I explained this was the problem in the home. He was going to go home and speak to the parents at home and call back today CH

9/26/23- Called and spoke to the owner and he stated that he has moved out of state and his parents are holding onto the dog for him. and the dog is now being too much for the parents to handle. he is aware of our polices and knows we cannot guarantee an outcome for his dog DM.

Close ticketno
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