News: Mihaltov, Victoria

Published Thu May 4, 2023

First nameVictoria
Last nameMihaltov
EmailEmail hidden; Javascript is required.
Phone(847) 942-4546
Reason for surrenderMy cat for approximately 2 years can’t accommodate with our new home and the baby, he is peeing and pooping in the house every week when he gets mad or when my child tries to approach him. Now we are soon to be parents of two kids and he became very upset, he goes in the littler but when we are not home or at night he will do nr 1 and 2 somewhere in the house
My current living situation is...I have a stable home.
Number of animals to be discussed?1
Reason(s) for concern - click all that apply.
  • behavior
Shelter to client contact date09/21/2023
Surrender necessaryno
Staff member making appointment(s).Hardy
Call outcomeresolved by client
Final call date09/21/2023
Admin notes

9/21/23 Called to make appointment and owner decided to cancel request due to how long it would take for the appointment. CH

Final surrender outcomecalled and cancelled
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