News: Pet profile production

Published Wed April 28, 2021

Team position title:Pet profile production
Required prerequisites
  • application and clearance complete
Position description
  • The ability to produce creative, descriptive text.
  • Photography skills are a plus, but not required.
  • The supervisors are Tami Solano and Soraida Dislavatore.
Other attributes required
  • access to the internet and email
  • at least 16 years of age
  • lift 10 pounds
  • not allergic to animals
  • not allergic to cleaning products
  • walk distances
  • writing skills
  • share ideas
  • organization skills
Other position details

We need some volunteers to author pet profiles to be presented on our website.  Pet profiles have been shown to improve an animal's likelihood of being adopted.

Please see the volunteer coordinator if you need training in this area.

Separate application requiredno
Print position description PDF. Download position description pdf.