Volunteer Service Hours Policy

Osceola County Animal Services is dedicated to making the volunteer experience both enjoyable and educational. To this end, the following policies have been instituted to assure that any volunteer hours reported reflect the actual time that the volunteer spends working for our cause.

1. All hours will be documented in our volunteer management system, Volgistics. Each new volunteer will be required to register in the system and document all volunteered hours there, whether at the shelter or off site.

2. Hand written time sheets will not be accepted as proof of hours volunteered unless specifically approved by the volunteer coordinator or supervisor prior to the time volunteered.

3. Hours will be awarded for successfully completing online training modules. Those hours will be documented by the management team in the volunteer management system.

4. Volunteers who work off site are expected to enter their hours in Volgistics in a timely manner; within three days of the service.

5. Volunteers who foster animals will be awarded one foster day for one animal fostered one day. In other words, animals fostered times days fostered equals the number of foster days. High school students will be awarded a maximum of six hours per day, whether they are fostering one cat or four.

6. Volunteers who participate in activities for which they have not been previously trained or qualified will not receive credit for those hours.

7. All off site volunteers must be qualified for the duties that they wish to perform.

8. Any hour documentation which, after research, is deemed to be fraudulent, may result in the volunteer being dismissed from the Osceola County Animal Services program. This may include forfeiting any and all hours and documentation.

If you have questions, please contact the volunteer coordinator.

Updated April 22, 2018